Say hello to the new you with DDM!

The brand was launched in September 2016 and after a successful launch of DDM Illuminate LED Lip Gloss on the first season, DDM debuts with a collection of Lipstick colours. The Fall/Winter Collection was released in October 2016. Each bold hue is matched with its optimal formula – either 'Matte' or 'Nourish'. The 'Matte' formula is thick, creamy and long-lasting and the 'Nourish' formula contains jojoba seed oil and Vitamin E to care for and moisturize lips whilst delivering a beautiful colour with intense pigment, bold colours, hydration and long lasting. Our products are;


-Paraben Free    

-Made in Canada   


-Allergy Tested  


Created by Diego DeMatos, is the superbly ambitious Celebrity Make-up Artist and Founder/Creative Director of DDM Cosmetics, thinks beautifully big. Translating runway looks into reality. Diego, demonstrates how to work the latest high-fashion trends and colours into every day living. Essentially, Diego, is in the process of creating the ultimate Luxury Makeup Line, item by item. He has stepped in the Toronto, New York, L.A., Dubai and Sao Paulo scene, loaded with the know-how, that comes from years of working high end retail counters, fashion shows, photo shoots, film and TV Shows for the highest end agencies, retailers, socialites and celebrities. Deeply familiar with the cutting edge and the latest looks. Canada has a new cosmetics mogul in the making. Diego, takes glamour extremely seriously. His research team is using the most forward thinking technologies available to create the most sumptuous products, textures and finishes. Feeling beautiful may be one of life’s great gratifications however so much is in the product you use. DDM Cosmetics now debuts with it's first items of the line DDM Illuminate LED Lip Gloss and high pigmented DDM Lip Stick.

Designed seductively to perform beautifully. DDM Cosmetics is; Glamour. Versatility. Sensuality. Desire. And it is more than just a line of cosmetics. Diego, seeks to uncover and help women discover their own beauty, sensuality and sexiness.

DDM Cosmetics has a mix for every occasion, combining the best in packaging innovation, superior product formulation. DDM is the future evolution of cosmetics.

DDM Cosmetics Lip Glosses and lipsticks are not tested on animals and contain no animal-derived ingredients.